We are proud to support those organizations giving of themselves & resources toward OUR mindful motion mission.  Here are some personal tribal endorsements about our partners. 


“Oh the Thunderbird Energetics Bar, it had me at hello!  Seriously, this is the most well conceived bar alive with amazing nutrition and killer taste.  Lovingly made in Austin, Texas, and blessed by shamans with all pure raw organic elements this bar rocks.  I love the thunderbird folks”- Lisa (COGnatives racing member).


“Speedy Reedy has the best service in all of Seattle.  Brooke and Reed are the most helpful, knowledgeable and darn best people in the Seattle bike scene. “- Michelle (COGnatives racing member)

Tires & Tyres (keep us rolling)

“Schwalbe makes the best commuter tires and all around tires I know.  I have 10 bikes and they cover all the bases! Great company and support.  Love them – Martha (COGnatives racing member)