We are cycling type people that are looking for a way to better support bikes as a better form of transportation in our cities.
We also felt that we needed something more intimate and cooler than a very large, local bike advocacy group.

A new west coast mission driven cycling team/club  (currently 30-35 people of core members) involved in mission setting and our community club which we plan to grow widely, say 50+ in the first year)
We are all about promoting sustainability and localvorian methods (rationally consuming those things nearest us).
We have a broad audience of people passionate about our mission; Getting people out of their cars, reducing auto dependency and building community.
Our core members are largely athletes, parents, spouses, community leaders that seek to help everyday people learn how to use a bike for the everyday (say fitness, shopping, vacationing, errands, etc.).  We have snappy sharp cycling kits (a.k.a. team racing clothing) and retro cycling wear to give exposure to our sponsors at events AND, more importantly on a daily basis as we pedal around town doing everyday stuff.
If you love our mission too, its likely you are suited to be a Partner of Cognatives and our mindful motion movement.  If so, we would love to have you as a partner in our efforts to build community, health and awareness for doing the right thing.

Race & Advocacy Team: 30-35 people (men and women athletes & educators)
Community Members: 50+ (building this in 2011)
Focus: Community building
Regional Location(s): Primarily in Pacific Northwest’s urban areas (Seattle & Portland), yet 2011 we have a chapter in California.
Exposure Opportunities: Dollar or in kind contributions to team earn placements on the team cycling and urban wares.  contact tribe@cognatives.com for more information.
Team Membership Requirements: Utilize human transportation weekly for everyday stuff and promote the efforts of our Partners when feasible.

#1 We place Partners on our “kit” as their $’s go to support our educational efforts (our min entry is $500) – our greatest need now OR,
#2 deep discount to team members on product/services; OR
#3 Partner’s Creative choice!