Since we are an organization (or tribe as we say) that motivates people to reduce auto dependency, we accept people committed to OUR mindful motion mission and already racing with another USA cycling registered team.  Our tribe is all about being committed to the mission AND support of our partners.  One may also race as a COGnative team member and we accept memberships to the team through the end of each year.

If you are a COGnative person, and want to be involved in the mission and/or team, here is what you need to do:

  • Complete the ONLINE APPLICATION.
  • Take our CREDO, which reads: Choose bike or feet whenever possible (yes its that simple);
  • Agree to modest membership fee of $60 (for new members and fee applies to clothing purchase);
  • Receive a notice from the tribe that there is room for you this year and receive instructions for joining our communication circle!

Benefits in being COGnative:

  • ABILITY to purchase reduced price Clothing/Cycling Jersey (in the concept shown under “wares”)
  • ACCESS to USAcycling.org team membership (if you choose to race).
  • ACCESS to products offered by our partners;
  • HALO from being associated with our mindful motion mission and other cool people.
  • FUN at our gatherings, events, activities and other random COGnatives stuff (e.g. cycle tours, progressive cycle dinners, bicycle commute tactics, etc.)

Our “Team” RACING kits are ordered by end of August.   Based on availability our URBAN wares can be ordered at anytime.   We plan to have events that gather this community together and teach others how to use a bike for every day stuff and have fun promoting the efforts of those that we partner.