• Get people on Bikes.
  • Get you motivated to do your daily stuff on a Bike.
  • Get you motivated to zealously convince others to do the same!
  • Let’s move together!

The only way to break the vicious cycle of 1) wider & wider roadways, 2) greater number of unaware drivers; and 3) the ever increasing and ubiquitous auto traffic, is to invest our limited transportation dollars in infrastructure that will help make walking, biking, and transit more attractive (i.e. safer, more fun and more convenient) than driving.  We must be honest with ourselves: If we are serious about creating a community and cities where a significant numbers of trips are made by modes other than cars, then each of us will need to accept that driving shall be less convenient than it is today (i.e. auto congestion and smaller roadways are good).  Let’s invest in our community and personal infrastructure to move our cities in a different way; for the health of ourselves, our communities and our planet.

mindful movement mission.  get on it.

We support people for bikes and bikes belong.  You should too!